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The Species

For specific species information follow the link attached to each species below.

Key: ≡ identical; = nom. illeg.; - nom. inval.

Lacistema aggregatum  (P.J. Bergius) Rusby
Piper aggregatum  P.J. Bergius ≡ Lacistema myricoides  Sw., ≡ Lacistema aggregatum  Fawc. & Rendle
= Nematospermum laevigatum  Rich.
= Synzyganthera purpurea  Ruiz & Pav. ≡ Didymandra purpurea  (Ruiz & Pav.) Willd. ≡ Lacistema purpureum  (Ruiz & Pav.) A.DC.
= Piper fasciculatum  Rudge ≡ Piper fasciculare Rudge
= Lacistema floribundum  Miq. ≡ Lacistema floribunda Miq.
= Lacistema elongatum  Schnizl.
= Lacistema angustum  Schnizl.
= Lacistema myricoides Sw. var. stipitatum  A.DC.
= Lacistema recurvum  A.DC.
= Lacistema coriaceum  A.DC.
- Lacistemon sp. Sw.
= Lacistema poeppigii  A.DC.
= Lacistema bolivianum  Gand.
= Lacistema guyanense  Gand.
= Lacistema rosidiscum  J.F. Macbr.
= Lacistema curtum  J.F. Macbr.
= Lacistema orinocense  Baehni
= Lacistema weberbaueri  Baehni
= Lacistema aggregatum (P.J. Bergius) Rusby var. elongatum  Maguire
= Lacistema occidentale  Cuatrec.
= Lacistema pacificum  Cuatrec.
- Lacistema macrophylla Klotzsch
- Lacistema paladofum  Poepp.

Lacistema grandifolium  Schnizl.
= Lacistema ellipticum  Glaz.
- Lacistema tomentosum  Miq. ex Pulle

Lacistema hasslerianum  Chodat
= Lacistema serrulatum  auct. non Mart. A.DC.
= Lacistema fagifolium Chodat & Chirtoiu
- Lacistema aggregatum  non (P.J. Bergius) Sw. s str

Lacistema krukovii  Sleumer

Lacistema lucidum  Schnizl.
- Lacistema pubescens Mart. subsp. longistipulatum G. Agostini

Lacistema macbridei  Baehni
Lacistema macbridii  Baehni

Lacistema nena  J.F. Macbr.

Lacistema polystachyum  Schnizl.
= Lacistema intermedium  Schnizl.
= Lacistema lucidum  auct. non Schnizl. A.DC.
= Lacistema pubescens Mart. var. glabrescens  Huber

Lacistema pubescens  Mart.
= Lacistema ellipticum  Schnizl.
- Lacistema pubescens Mart. subsp. serrulatum  Mart.

Lacistema robustum  Schnizl.
= Lacistema recurvum  Schnizl.
= Lacistema intermedium  auct. non Schnizl. A.DC.
= Lacistema blanchetii  A.DC.
- Lacistema rostratum  Schnizl.

Lacistema serrulatum  Mart.
= Lacistema leptostachyum  Chodat & Chirtoiu

Lozania glabrata  A.H. Gentry

Lozania grandiflora  Schult.

Lozania klugii  (Mansf.) Mansf.
Monandrodendron klugii  Mansf.
= Lacistemopsis poculifera  Kuhlm.

Lozania mutisiana  Schult.
= Monandrodendron schultzei  Mansf.
= Monandrodendron peruvianum  Mansf.
= Lozania bipinnata  L. B. Sm.
= Lozania montana  Standl.
= Perrottetia costaricensis  Lundell ≡ Perrottetia racemosa  Standl.
- Lozania nemoralis  DC.

Lozania pittieri  (S.F. Blake) L.B. Sm.
Lacistema pittieri  S.F. Blake ≡ Lacistema trichoneurum  S.F. Blake ex R. Knuth
= Lacistema pedicellatum  Standl., ≡ Lozania pedicellata  (Standl.) L. B. Sm.

- Lozania sclerophylla

Obscure species

Didymandra dentata  Spreng. Sleumer (1980) states "the descriptor is too short making it impossible to place within the family."

Lacistema oblongum  Spreng. Sleumer (1980) states "the descriptor for this species is ambiguous making this species difficult to place within the family. The holotype at Berlin Herbarium was destroyed."

Excluded species

Casearia javitensis syn. Lacistema grandifolium Glaz.

Myrica altera syn. Lacistema alterum Spreng., Lacistema berterianum Schult.

Reference: Sleumer (1980)

Additional names

These names were located on Universal Biological Indexer and Organizer (uBio) and require further investigation to their validity (as of 05 February 2009):

Lacistema nana / Lacistema nana J.F. Macbr.: believed to be a typographical error of L. nena located on NY herbarium specimen reference NY00501407. Have not seen the specimen image to confirm;
Lacistema pubescens serrulatum / Lacistema pubescens serrulatum Torr. 1985 not located yet
Lacistema sericiflora / Lacistema sericiflora A.DC. name refers to a specimen located at G (according to more information to follow
Lacistema pubescens longistipulatum G. Agostini Information to follow.


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