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Lozania bipinnata L.B.Sm.

Protologue - the Holotype description

Smith L B (1935) Taxonomic notes on American Phanerogams - II, in Phytologia, H A Gleason and H N Moldenke, The New York Botanical Garden, New York, Vol 1(3): 138-9

Type specimens

Commentary on the holotype:
Sleumer (1980: page 204) states that the holotype is held by US herbarium. This specimen was unavailable online and with thanks to John Boggan and colleagues of US herbarium (Smithsonian Institution) this specimen is now online.

John also presented evidence that their specimen is not the holotype but the one held by the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University. John pointed me in the direction of the first paragraph in the first article in this two part series Taxonomic notes of American Phanerogams - I. It states "Unless otherwise stated all material cited is deposited in the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University".

I have rechecked the type specimen images and only the GH type is actually marked as 'TYPE'. Now the holotype illustration makes sense - you can clearly see what part of the holotype specimen was used for the protologue illustration whereas it didn't make any sense when compared to the US type specimen.

Herbaria Illustration Herbarium / Barcode Number Collector Name & Number Collection Date Country
Holotype GH GH-00030808 A E Lawrance 524 1932 October 09 Colombia
Isotypes A A-00030809 A E Lawrance 524 1932 October 09 Colombia
BM BM-000624550 " " "
E E-00326672 " " "
F (sheet 1 of 2) V0060939F " " "
F (sheet 2 of 2) V0060940F " " "
G G-00165300 " " "
LL LL-00370374 " " "
MO MO-204067 " " "
NY NY-283966 " " "
S S-R-3315 " " "
U U-0104612 " " "
US US-03527455 " " "
Syntypes None specified