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When I wrote the original Lacistemataceae pages the plan was to continue adding other small Neotropical plant families to the website via a separate icon of Neotropical Plant Families Database (NPFD).

However, it is practically impossible to get any academic funding when you do not have a Ph.D so unfortunately this project has grown to a halt until 2014.

The best and cheapest way to add the additional families now is to provide links to each family located on the Catalogue of Life page which is where the revision for each family update was planned to go. The original pages for very small families already completed in NPFD are still available and differentiated from the CoL links. The two bracketed numbers refer to number of genera and species within the family.

So here is the entire list of families that were to be part of this project -

The family that the genus belongs to follows the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group website.

Rest of this page under reconstruction; links to the other families will be restored in due course.