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Lacistemataceae Holistic Database Neotropical Plant Families Database U.K. Communities of Woodland & Scrub Species 2000 University of Reading Herbarium RNG, University of Reading, U.K.

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Dr Mac Alford for supplying a copy of his Ph.D dissertation: Systematic studies in Flacourtiaceae.

Professor Arne Anderberg, S Herbarium, The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden for permission to display type images directly on this website.

Dr Paul Berry and Heather Huggins, MICH Herbarium, University of Michigan, MI, USA for permission to display type images directly on this website.

John Boggan, Type Specimen Register, Department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A. for information regarding the correct holotype location of Lozania bipinnata.

The Botanical Research Fund Governors for a grant award to fund part of this research (March 2010).

Dr Vary Coates, Editor, Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences for granting permission to display the original protologue document of Lacistema pedicellatum Standl.

Dr Alastair Culham, my MSc. Plant Diversity co-supervisor, University of Reading for his endless patience, advice and guidance throughout this e-monograph and associated dissertation. Alastair also runs the RNG Herbarium.

Geoffrey Hall, Collections Manager at MT herbarium for scanning and placing their isotype of Lozania pittieri online.

Helen Hartley on behalf of the IPNI Editors - Plant & Funal Names Biodiversity Informatics & Spatial Analysis, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew for her advice on the name of Lacistema berterianum/berteroanum.

Professor David Karger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA for his enlightening lecture entitled "Enhancing communication and creativity with structured data on the web" at The Royal Society, London on 27 September 2010. David's lecture lead me to the M.I.T. Simile Widgets used in the production of dynamic datasets on this website. A related article can be viewed at Talking about Data: sharing richly structured information through Blogs and Wikis"

Nadja Korotkova, Systematics and Evolution Working Group, Nees Institute for Biodiversity of Plants, Bonn, Germany for the location of Lacistema nena voucher specimen P. Espinoza 3.

Brian McCarthy, Editor, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Torrey Botanical Society, Lawrence, KS, USA for permission to display the protologue for Lacistema aggregatum var. elongatum on this website.

Andrew W Mellon Foundation for funding the Latin American Plants Initiative without which type specimen images would not be available.

Raoul Palese, Curator/Information System Manager at Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques, Geneve, Switzerland for digitizing type specimens and attaching them to the G herbarium online collections database

Beth Parada, Managing Editor, Missouri Botanical Garden Press for granting permission to reproduce the original protologue document of Lozania glabrata A.H.Gentry.

Jamie Peña, LOJA herbarium curator for supplying the image of Lozania nunkui isotype.

Alex Popovkin, A Russian in Brazil for contacting me regarding his images of Lacistema hasslerianum and giving permission for a hyperlink to his www.flickr.com photos.

Dr Yuri Roskov, my MSc. Plant Diversity co-supervisor and Species 2000 Content Manager, University of Reading for his endless patience, advice and guidance on incorporation of LHD into the Catalogue of Life Annual Checklist 2009, this e-monograph and associated dissertation.

Deirdre Ryan, www.aluka.org, Princeton, NJ, USA for granting me access to digitized type specimens at JSTOR Global Plants Initiative database.

Dr James Solomon, Curator, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri, USA and his staff for their assistance during my visit 9-17 January 2010.

Professor Billie L Turner, Executive Editor, Phytologia journal for granting permission to reproduce the original protologue documents of Lozania bipinnata L.B.Sm., Lozania pitteri (Blake) L.B.Sm., Lozania pedicellata (Standl.) L.B.Sm., and Perrottetia costaricensis Lundell.

Vera Ventura, MSc. Plant Diversity graduate, University of Reading, U.K. for the Portuguese translation of Lacistema pubescens var. glabrescens protologue.

Dr Robert Vogt, Curator of the herbarium (B), Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Germany for confirmation that the holotypes of Lacistema grandifolium Schnizl., L.lucidum Schnizl., L. oblongum Spreng., L. robustum Schnizl., Monandrodendron klugii Mansf. and M. schultzei Mansf. were destroyed.

Harold Voris, Managing Scientific Editor, Fieldiana, Field Museum Press, Chicago for permission to display the original protologues of Lacistema occidentale, L. pacificum, Lozania montana and Perrottetia racemosa on this website.

Stephanie Zabel, Curatorial Assistant, Harvard University Herbaria, Cambridge, MA, USA for digitisation, supplying type specimen images and for granting permission to display them.

Modesto Zarate, Faculty Escuela Ciencias Forestales, University of San Simon, Cochabamba, Bolivia for permission to display photographs of Lacistema nena.