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The aims of the Lacistemataceae electronic monograph is to:

1. aggregate knowledge on Lacistemataceae from all scientific areas into this website and associated Lacistemataceae Holistic Database (LHD);
2. provide freely and easily accessible information for preservation of this family within its natural habitat and botanical gardens situated within its natural distribution range.

Why do this research?

Take a look at the two videos Planet Bob, The Encyclopedia of Life for more background information on cybertaxonomy and E.O. Wilson's idea for a global directory of all known species on planet Earth respectively.

This research is governed by the Convention on Biological Diversity and is part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation especially Target 1: to provide "a widely accessible working list of known plant species, as a step towards a complete world flora".

The previous taxonomic expert, Dr. Herman Otto Sleumer died in 1993 and until now no-one has taken much interest until the break up of the polyphyletic Flacourtiaceae monograph (Sleumer 1980) into four families by Dr Mac Alford (2005) into Salicaceae, Samydaceae, Scyphostegiaceae and Lacistemataceae. Sleumer (1980) states Lacistemataceae (then tribe Lacistemeae) "The delimitation of several species is still arbitrary." This monographic revision will address this problem and bring Sleumer's earlier work into the 21st Century by creating the worlds first biodiversity electronic monograph.

In light of this one deforestation example in Mato Grosso, Brazil (1992 - 2006) you can understand the concern for a lack of systematic expert overseeing this family.

Unfortunately, any plans of a funded Ph.D. from the U.K. Government or a post as a systematist is extremely unlikely to be forthcoming. Read United Kingdom House of Lords Systematics and Taxonomy report 2007-8 and the article: A Fading Field for an explanation. However, this will not stop me from continuing this research.

Looking towards the future...

What I would like to see is electronic monographs of all biodiversity families and electronic Floras that are hyperlinked together to form a "virtual Life on Earth".

However, this will not happen while funding goes towards computer infrastructure rather than accumulation of scientific data provided by taxonomists/systematists and other scientists out in the field. As the proverb goes: garbage in, garbage out!

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