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Lozania mutisiana Schult.

Protologue - the Holotype description

There is a possibility that the document below is not the protologue because this article mentions Flora bogotensis and now online Semanario del Nuevo Reyno de Granada but I will need to manually search through these pages as they are not OCR documents.

There is also an article which describes Lozania in Botanical Extracts from a Periodical Miscellany published in Spain at Sante Fe de Bogota, entitled "El Semanario del Nuevo Reyno de Granada 1810" in Journal of Science and the Arts (1817), edited at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, Vol. 3: pages 124-129

Therefore once I have finished updating all of the accepted species names I will have to come back and further my research in this area.

Protologue? :

Schultes J A (1824) Mantissa in volumen secundum systematis vegetabilium caroli a Linne ex editione Additamentum I ad Mantissam 1 Classis, J J Roemer M.D. et J.A. Schultes M.D., Stuttgardtiae, sumtibus J.G. Cottae: 75. Additional note in Schultes J A (1822) Mantissa in volumen primum systemis vegetabilium annotation: page 3

Type specimens

Note: Sleumer (1980) suggests the syntypes are a pair of specimens - Mutis 1606 & Mutis 1607. Do all herbaria hold both pairs or just one of them? Are both collector numbers syntypes? Something to work out at a later date (2019Oct04). Sleumer also notes another syntype Mutis 1163 (MA & US herbaria) I have left this off the list for now (as at 2019Oct04).

Herbaria Illustration Herbarium / Barcode Number Collector Name & Number Collection Date Country
Holotypes MA MA-01-00665330 Mutis 2186 no date ?
Isotypes US US-00104995 Mutis 2186 no date ?
IAN IAN-188986 Mutis 2186 no date ?
Syntypes G G-00165299 Mutis 1607 no date ?
K K-000470065 Mutis 1606 no date ?
MA (1606)

MA (1607)

(1606) MA-01-00665617 to MA-01-00665621

(1607) MA-01-00665610 to MA-01-00665616 and MA-01-00822458, MA-01-00822459
Mutis 1606 & 1607 no date ?
US (1606)

US (1607)
US-01014307 (1606)
US-00104994 (1607)
Mutis 1606 & 1607 no date ?