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Perrottetia racemosa Standl.

Protologue - the Holotype description

Standley P C (1937) Flora of Costa Rica Part II, Field Museum of Natural History, Botanical Series, Field Museum Press, Chicago, Vol 18(2): 633

Type specimens

Commentary on the holotype:
Sleumer (1980: page 204) states that the name of this species is as spelt above. However the protologue document states the genus as "Perrotetia".

This name was later changed to Perrottetia costaricensis because it is a homonym with P. racemosa (Oliv.) Loes. in Celastraceae and is easily confused. Agostini (1973)

Herbaria Illustration Herbarium / Barcode Number Collector Name & Number Collection Date Country
Holotype F Standley & Valerio 49894 1937 Costa Rica
Isotype US US-03527357 Standley & Valerio 49894 1937 Costa Rica
Syntype None specified