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Lacistema macrophylla Klotzsch

Protologue - the Holotype description

This name is mentioned in Sleumer H O (1980) Flora Neotropica: Monograph No. 22 - Flacourtiaceae page 187 as a substitute for the ?holotype? destroyed at the Berlin herbarium.

I do not know if a protologue exists or whether this name comes from a herbarium specimen only. Requires further investigation. Here is a place to start (as at 2019Nov20).

Type specimens

Herbaria Illustration Catalogue Number Collector Name & Number Collection Date Country
Holotype B (destroyed) - - R H Schomburgk 1451 1843 September French Guiana
Neotype F Berlin Type Negatives
IRN: 219767
R H Schomburgk 1451 1843 September Guyana
Isotypes GH (unavailable online) " " "
K K-000648534 R H Schomburgk 70/1451 no date Guyana
Syntypes None specified