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Lacistema pubescens Mart.

Protologue - the Holotype description

Martius C F P de (1826) Nova genera et species plantarum quas in itinere per Brasiliam annis 1818-1820 jussu et auspiciis Maximiliani Josephi I. Bavariae regis augustissimi suscepto collegit et descripsit, Monachii, Munchen, Vol. 1: 155, plate 94

Type specimens

Sleumer wrote on certain specimens that they are 'probable isotypes'. I think that the Berlin Negative should be the holotype subject to locating the specimen at M herbarium. The rest of the 'type' specimens need to be reexamined in order to make a further decision until then the 'isotypes' are reduced to syntypes (as of 2019 Oct 29).

Herbaria Illustration Herbarium / Barcode Number Collector Name & Number Collection Date Country
F , J.F. Macbride
Berlin Type Negative
IRN: 219773
Martius no number Brazil
Isotypes To be decided (as of 2019 Oct 29)
K K000470067 Martius no number Brazil
FI FI-011787 " " "
L L-1538847 " " "
M Currently not available online ? " " "
MO MO-204100 " " "