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Lacistema pittieri S.F. Blake

Blake S F (1924) New plants from Venezuela, Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, Smithsonian Institution: United States National Museum, Vol. 20(13): 520


Holotype: Pittier 8974 at US

Isotypes: Pittier 8974 at A, G, GH, IAN, NY, P, VEN

Syntypes: None specified


Tree 4 m high;
Branches slender, strigose;
Leaves alternate; petioles strigose 4-6 mm long; blades oval-oblong or obovate-oval, 10-12 cm long, 3.8-4.8 cm wide, rather abruptly acuminate (the point acute 1.5cm long) at base rounded-cuneate, subchartaceous, above deep green, somewhat shining, glabrous, beneath duller green, pilose with ascending or spreading hairs along the costa and the 6 pairs of lateral veins, glabrous on surface, the secondaries straightish, prominulous on both sides;
Racemes in axillary clusters of 1-3, sordid-hispidulous, 2-2.5 cm long, 3-4 mm thick, rather loosely flowered; bracts 2 subtending each flower, the lower triangular, pubescent, 0.7 mm long, the upper tubular-campanulate, essentially glabrous, deeply bifid, 0.8 mm long; pedicels glabrous, 1.5 mm long;
Sepals 4, ovate, 0.9 mm long, obtuse obscurely serrulate, glabrous; disk thick, annular;
Stamen 1, glabous, the stout subulate filament 0.5 mm long, the connective dilated, the anther cells divergent;
Ovary densely hispid-pilose, the placentae 3, each bearing 2 ovules; style none; stigmas 3, about half as long as the ovary

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Carabobo, Venezuela



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