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Waits numi


waits = unknown
numi = tree or shrub




Shuar indigenous people, Eastern Ecuador

Reasons behind the common name

I was asked to give the family a common name in English, but this seemed inappropriate for a family distributed in countries where English is not the first language. Where European invaders and non-indigenous immigrants have caused such devastation to the indigenous people and their lands.

When discussing my research, the majority of people have never heard of Lacistemataceae, so I always have to explain what they are.

So it seemed to me that Waits numi would be an appropriate and respectful common name for Lacistemataceae.


Bennett B C, Baker M A, Andrade P G (2002) Ethnobotany of the Shuar of Eastern Ecuador in Advances in Economic Botany Vol. 14, The New York Botanical Garden Press, New York: 185

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