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Muntingiaceae C. Bayer, M.W. Chase & M.F. Fay

LSID none

Bayer C, Chase M W, Fay M F (1998) Muntingiaceae, a new family of dicotyledons with Malvalean affinities, Taxon, International Association for Plant Taxonomy, Vienna, Vol. 47(1): 38

Number of species: 2

Muntingia calabura L., Dicraspidia donnell-smithii Standl.


Bayer etal. (1998) paper does not discuss the placement of the following species in this family:

Muntingia bartramia L., Muntingia calabura L. var. trinitensis Griseb., Muntingia glabra Spreng., Muntingia rosea H. Karst. Also I have not added Neotessmannia uniflora Burret as the authors suggest further investigation is required.