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Gomortegaceae Reiche [nom. fam. cons. (ICBN)]


Family protologue

Reiche K (1896) Zur kenntniss von Gomortega nitida R. et Pav. in Berichte der Deutschen Botanischen Gesellschaft, Gebruder Borntraeger, Berlin, Vol. 14: 232

Number of Species: 1

Gomortega keule Molina (I.M. Johnston)
= Lucuma keule Molina ≡ Gomortega keule (Molina) Baill. ≡ Gomortega keule (Molina) Gunckel
- Gomortega nitida Ruiz & Pav. ≡ Adenostemum nitidum (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.

Species protologue

Fol. alternis, petiolatis, ovatlibus, fubferratis

Molina G I (1782) Saggio sulla Storia Naturale del Chili, Nella Stamperia di S. Tommafo d'Aquino, Bologna, Edition 1: 352

Common names

… Language: Mapuche; Country: Chile [Enciclopedia de la Flora Chilena]
… Language: unknown; Country: Chile [Enciclopedia de la Flora Chilena]
… Language: unknown; Country: Chile [Enciclopedia de la Flora Chilena]


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Full morphological description, images and other information

Enciclopedia de la Flora Chilena (Spanish) Enciclopedia de la Flora Chilena (English)


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Category: Endangered
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Voucher specimens


Chromosome & ploidy values

2n = 42 [Mabberley 1997]

Molecular sequences



Mabberley D J (1997) The Plant Book, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge