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Assistance required

Information gaps to fill

I require the following for all the accepted species (with specific location and preferably georeferenced):

pollination mechanism/vector (if animal, then scientific latin name required)

frugivores/seed dispersal vectors (scientific latin name required)

images of trunk, whole plant, branch. With metric scale bars please for: inflorescence, close up of flowers, fruit and seed. Email me your hyperlink to your images or send images directly to me with permission to use them on this website.


epiphytes/zoophytes (scientific latin name required)
plant associations on the ground (scientific latin name required)
Uses Used how, and by whom (specific indigenous tribe if applicable) include specific location and georeference (please state whether exact location is for open access usage or restricted to my database/personal usage only).

Many thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Happy researching!
Fee Young