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LHD on tour

I will be participating in the 4D4Life and Species2000 AGM, Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity, Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands on 22 November 2011

I attended the 4D4Life Third Project meeting, 28-30 March 2011, held at the Národní Muzeum, Praha, Czech Republic.

I attended the Web Science: a new frontier conference, The Royal Society, London on 27-28 September 2010.

I attended day one of the London citizen cyberscience summit, The Anatomy Theatre & Museum, Kings College, London on 2-3 September 2010.

As a natural scientist specialising in small Neotropical plant taxonomy and systematics, I attended the Review of Taxonomy & Systematics in the U.K., University College, London on 23 April 2010 to defend the lack Ph.D studentships for U.K. students. Without professionally trained taxonomists, the U.K.'s reputation as a world leader cannot continue without employing greater numbers of specialists from outside the U.K. or relying upon voluntary assistance of the citizen scientist (which could be argued as slave labour as a way to cut research funding).

As a member of Species 2000, I will be representing the Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life at the Student Conference on Conservation Science, 23 March at the Who's who in conservation? event, 6-7 pm, Elementary Lab, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, U.K.

A visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium, 9-17 January 2010 to analyse the largest collection of Lacistemataceae specimens outside the familys distribution range.

I gave a presentation entitled e-monography for the 21st Century: Lacistemataceae Holistic Database @ on Thursday 13 August at 2 pm as part of the Symposium on Application of Information Technology in Systematics held at the Biosyst EU 2009 conference, 10-14 August 2009, Leiden, The Netherlands.

I presented a poster (C20) entitled e-monography on a shoestring: Lacistemataceae Holistic Database @ at e-Biosphere09: International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics, London, 1-3 June 2009